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Modelling of rigid body systems

  • Modelling of complex mechanisms (e.g. cranktrain mechanisms of engines, belt drive etc.)
  • Post processing: modal analysis, frequency analysis, order analysis.

Modelling of rigid body systems with integration of flexible structures

  • Modal reduction of FEM structures (ANSYS, NASTRAN)
  • Modelling of flexible structures with contact conditions depending on time and position (e.g. movement of nodes)
  • Modelling of sliding bearing pairs including Elasto-hydrodynamics (impedance method, EHD FEM-online)
  • Life time analysis on a modal basis taking into account modal stress conditions
  • Post processing: modal analysis, deformation analysis, frequency analysis, order analysis and fatigue life analysis

Program system: SIMPACK, FEMFAT
Hardware: AMD Opteron (4 processors, 16GB memory)