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Professional consultation based on results of simulation and goal-oriented analysis for the solution of your problem with respect to innovative concept generation and optimization of your products as well as automation of process cycles. Professional and goal-oriented analysis as well as the solution of complex and multidisciplinary applications in product simulation in order to reveal and understand the details in complex component and/or process behaviour.
Professional consultation as independent enterprise service in the introduction and acquisition of simulation software within the range of CAx applications for optimal integration into your profile regarding the applications FEM, MBS simulations, optimisation, process simulation such as the simulation of solidification processes, and their coupling to different CAD systems.
This consultation is not attached to any software producer, thus impartial and independent consultations focused on your profile and requests are ensured. Professional consultation in the accomplishment of benchmark analyses for an optimal selection and fitting of simulation software and hardware taking into account the available budget.
Individual training and assistance of your co-workers with respect to not only the simulation software systems but also in solving your problems and questions arising during the entire simulation process.


Flexible supply of our simulation competence in an effective and partner oriented co-operation at the customer side in order to provide an efficient and high-quality solution of various computation and optimization tasks in product development and production.


A goal-oriented simulation focussing on process improvement can significantly reduce the development time. Above this, the development and production time of the proper prototype can be definitely shortened by pre-selection of less number of potential variants. Thus the workpiece qualification procedure regarding durability, wear ability and life time of the product can be accomplished in a significantly reduced development time.
The goal oriented and professional simulation application makes the workpiece and process optimization possible. In this case, the phenomena of physical and difficult circumstances can be easier revealed leading to a most economical production process. For further details click here.